This is a bilingual (English & German) project in which students find out interesting facts about unusual events, objects and phenomena. The incentive for this is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The students discover mysterious places in their countries and in the world. They deepen their knowledge in areas such as: English, German, ICT, parapsychology, history, horoscopes, magic, religions, culture, folk believes, legends, fantastic, etc. They conduct interviews, research, create videos, presentations, radio broadcats and other materials connected with the topic. Don't hesitate to visit our website.


Zespół Szkół Gimnazjum Nr 6 Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 13 w Zawierciu, POLAND

IES Viera Y Clavijo, La Laguna, SPAIN

Heinrich- Böll-Gesamtschule, Oberhausen, GERMANY